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Our Most Precise and Efficient Professional Headphone

The LCD-MX4 melds technological advances from our Flagship Series with the reliable, accurate driver design of our famous LCD-X to offer incredible detail and sensitivity for studio or home listening.

“You can hear so many layers of detail, which makes them essential to my work” - Stuart Hawkes, Metropolis Studios

The Audio Professional's Closed-Back Choice

Since Audeze introduced the LCD-XC in 2013, it has become the gold standard closed-back of the professional audio world. Trusted by award winning artists and engineers, the LCD-XC is a blend of transparency and reliability, ideal for any studio or audiophile system where isolation is desired.

"The XC offers a truly transparent view through the window of recorded events that I could definitely see both mastering engineers and headphone cognoscenti appreciating."
- Inner Fidelity


  • Designed for the discerning professional, to reveal every critical detail in their mixes.
  • Our strongest magnetic array delivers precise and accurately controlled bass.
  • Our most sensitive LCD headphone, effortless to drive from most devices.
  • Lightweight magnesium and carbon fiber chassis for comfort over long sessions.
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Taking the Environment out of the Equation

The incredibly controlled bass and remarkably low distortion of the LCD-MX4 allow it to perform like a high-end speaker system, without the need for large, expensive room treatments. When used with Audeze Reveal+ to create an AI-generated map of your own hearing, the LCD-MX4 puts you inside renowned studios, letting you work consistently and efficiently from anywhere.


Precision to Hear Every Detail

The LCD-MX4 lets you mix and master with the precision relied on by the world’s top engineers. The sensitive drivers react to the most minute changes and offer a room-like bloom, letting you perfectly position and sculpt every element with confidence. You can trust your work on the MX4s to translate across a variety of platforms and devices.


LCD-MX4 on mixboard
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Cutting-Edge Driver Technology

LCD-MX4 features our patented Double Fluxor™ Magnetic Array to achieve a flux density of 1.5 Tesla, the most powerful magnetic circuit ever in a headphone. We partner this with our patented Uniforce™ voice coil so the drivers deliver precise detail and accurate bass response. These breakthrough technologies also help make the MX4 our most efficient LCD model, so you can pair them with any interface, console, or recording device.

Advanced Materials for Comfort

LCD-MX4 is built on a lightweight magnesium chassis designed with feedback from professional engineers. The carbon fiber suspension headband and premium earpads offer excellent support and comfort, which paired with the MX4's neutral tuning and low distortion, help prevent listening fatigue so those late-night sessions never have to end.

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What Music Producers and Sound Engineers Think of LCD-MX4

"I’ve been using the Audeze LCD-MX4s as my main mixing/editing headphones for several months now, and am delighted by how revealing they are."
- Drew Jurecka, Musician, Producer, Arranger and Composer

"Since getting the (MX4s), I've moved to a mostly headphone-based mixing workflow. I can't over-state how big a difference these have made to my mixes."
- Les Cooper, Producer and Mix Engineer

"Before I had my Audeze headphones, working on the low end of my projects was complete guess work... Now, I have much more confidence when working on projects."
- Elaine Rasnake, Master Engineer

"The LCD-MX4's have been fantastic for my mixing, I've really loved using them for checking the low end and using them as a general referencing tool for my mixes."
- El Gusto, Musician and Producer

"Since starting to use Audeze headphones, specifically the LCD-i4 and LCD-MX4, my workflow in both my music making and mixing as well as virtual streaming have changed immensely."
- ChaoticCanineCulture, Streamer, Musician and Content Creator

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Includes: LCD-MX4 Headphone | Single-ended 1/4'' to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable | Premium Travel Case | Certificate of Authenticity and Warranty Cards |See also -User Guides


Over-ear, open-back

Transducer type

Planar Magnetic

Magnetic structure

Double Fluxor™ magnet array

Phase management


Magnet type

Neodymium N50

Diaphragm type

Ultra-thin Uniforce™

Transducer size

106 mm

Maximum power handling


Maximum SPL


Frequency response

10Hz - 50kHz


<0.1% @ 100dB


20 ohms


105 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)

Minimum power requirement


Recommended power level



1.9m (6.8ft) length, Single ended 1/4" (6.3mm) termination

Wire Material

20 AWG high-purity OCC audio-grade copper



LCD-MX4 Reveal+ bundle

Bundle with Reveal+

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