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Audeze UK Service Offer

We are offering post-sales and out of warranty servicing for most Audeze models. Are you in need of a repair job or need new drivers to restore your headphones to their former glory? Then please contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Returns Policy - Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

In addition to standard warranties and your statutory rights, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all products purchased from

1) You must take reasonable care of the goods - During the evaluation of the product it is expected that you take reasonable care of the goods (as you would when examining the product in a shop):

- You are obliged by law to take reasonable care of the goods whilst they are in your possession. We will not consider that you have taken reasonable care of the goods if they have been used in a way or to an extent beyond what would be reasonable when examining the goods in a shop before purchase. 

- The goods must be returned with the original manufacturer's packaging (which shall not be defaced or damaged) complete with accessories, manuals, documentation, plastic bags, warranty cards, tie wraps, and any other accessories that originally came with the product.

2) Returning products that raise hygiene concerns - Products that have contact with the ear, nose or throat can only be returned for a full refund if sent back with hygiene seals unbroken and in unused condition (you must exercise reasonable care when evaluating the product as you would in a shop).

It is our aim that customers are 100% satisfied with all products purchased at  Therefore, we understand that customers may be dissatisfied with the performance of products that raise hygiene concerns after they have tried them out.  If this is the case please contact us and we may be able to offer credit for another purchase (subject to inspection of the returned product) or to purchase the product back as second hand (taking into account that we would need to dispose of the item as B grade in our clearance area).

3) Custom made products - Products that have been custom made to the customer's specification cannot be returned for a refund or credit under the 30 day return guarantee.

4) Shipping costs - Products returned under the 30 day guarantee that are not faulty are to be returned at the cost of the customer and the refund for the order will be made less shipping costs.

5) Exceptions to this guarantee:

- No refund will be made if the goods are returned physically damaged, marked and or without original packaging.

- Products that have been damaged by the customer which require more cost to repair than the wholesale value of the product will be returned to the customer without a refund at their expense, regardless of when it was returned.

- Any and all products returned to us after the 30 day return/exchange period has expired cannot be accepted by Audeze UK under any circumstances and will be returned to the customer (at the customer's expense) without a refund.

By making an order with, you hereby agree to abide by the conditions and terms of the above stated returns policy.

We cover 3 years for the drivers and 2 year for the rest of the parts, and this begins from the original date of purchase. Warranty on Mobius is two year for all parts. This is for factory defect only, not wear and tear or cosmetic damage from use. Please note that we consider eartips, earlocks and earhooks to be "consumable items" and offer no warranty on those.

As long as headphones were originally purchased from an authorized dealer, the warranty is transferable and is valid from the original date of purchase. We just ask for proof of that purchase date by using the original purchase receipt. If no original receipt is available, we use the date of manufacture for the beginning of the warranty period, and warranty coverage is discretionary.

Currently we only ship to UK destinations.

Since air is trapped between your head and the diaphragm it creates a pressure zone, and as the headphones shift with movement you may hear a slight crinkling sound from the diaphragm. This is a normal occurrence with planar magnetic drivers and is nothing to be concerned about, it's the sound of the thin diaphragm moving back and forth with the changes in air pressure.

Sometimes as the driver film stretches slightly with age, the sound can become more apparent, and sometimes it may also lessen again. This is mostly influenced by factors in your environment (such as temperature and humidity), and we don't have much control over whether or not this occurs.

One important note is that we strongly recommend exercising certain cautions when handling planar magnetic headphones: trapped air can create high pressure and sudden pressure changes could damage the diaphragms, and this is not covered by warranty. The same is true when you put the headphones on or take them off-- it's not a good idea to press them hard and fast against the head, so we recommend slow and steady movement to allow the air pressure to stabilize.

Have you tried switching the left and right of the cable or using another source to rule out a cable/source problem? (For EL-8s, you’ll need to flip the connectors so the L and R are on the outside. Otherwise the connectors can be damaged and this isn’t covered under warranty.)

If you've swapped the cable and the problem moves with it, the problem is either in the cable or the source. It it proves to be the cable you may need a replacement cable. If it stays in the same ear, we know the problem is in the headphones and you'll need to proceed with repairs either through us or via an international distributor.

If you bought through a dealer, we recommend contacting them for service assistance.

If you live outside the UK and purchased locally, we recommend contacting your dealer or our local distributor for assistance.

If you live outside the UK and the headphones were purchased from within the UK, please email us here and we’ll take care of you.

Any LCD-2s with serial number starting with 54 or higher should have Fazors. Any starting with 53 (and a few starting with 56 from the early days) will be a pre-Fazor model unless the drivers were serviced after the beginning of Fazor production, which began in January 2014.

 Any LCD-3s with serial number starting with 27 or higher should have Fazors. Any starting with 26 will be a pre-Fazor model unless the drivers were serviced after the beginning of Fazor production, which began in January 2014.

 To the best of our knowledge, all LCD-Xs and LCD-XCs should have Fazors installed, since those headphones were launched at the beginning of Fazor production in January 2014.

 The best way to check for sure is to feel for the Fazors inside the earcup: if you feel a flat metal stator plate with openings in it under the mesh, your headphones have no Fazors; if you feel the tips of triangles, those are the Fazors themselves.