Audeze HQ App for Windows - Updated 1/29/20 | Audeze HQ App for MAC - Updated 1/29/20
Instructions: Download and install over the previous version. No uninstall needed.


Audeze HQ application
Now Available for Windows and OSX!

Greetings Traveler! Unlock the potential of your Mobius 3D headphone. We have created a specialized control portal application called the Audeze HQ application. Fully customize your sound experience with HRTF customization and sound profile selection. To obtain your copy of the Audeze HQ application, follow the download instructions below. Happy travels!

The Windows download link contains both an updated version of Audeze HQ and the latest Mobius firmware.


Installation Notes

Please note that you should NOT install the firmware using a "Virtual Machine," such as Windows running in a Linux environment, etc. It must be done on a true Windows machine, otherwise the installation may cause problems with your Mobius that would require them to be shipped to us for reprogramming.

Do not use any external USB hubs, and if possible, connect to the USB port on your computer that's closest to your mother-board.
Please make sure you've installed the latest version of the Audeze HQ software (included in the packet above) before proceeding. When installing, you may get a warning message that this software is not from a recognized developer, since this is the beta version of the software. If this happens, please click "More info" at the top, and then "Install anyway" near the bottom to continue with the installation.

Visit the AUDEZE SUPPORT CENTER for a step-by-step tutorial on how to setup the Audeze HQ App with your Mobius.

Patch Notes

2020.01.30: The package includes the the same firmware with a new version of HQ that has some minor bug fixes.
(v5) 2019.05.27: This package includes the following FW update versions: USB: 102, MCU: 1.71, DSP: 25
1. Enables head gestures
2. 3D On mode - 3D audio without head tracking.
3. Enables changing 3D mode, USB Channel mode and adds manual centering control
from the app.
4. Improves bass response and imaging.
5. Makes Firmware updates more robust and allows firmware updates for all subsystems
(USB/DSP/MCU/BT) via the Audeze HQ App.
6. Default to 25% volume when switching modes for the first time.
7. Battery level warning will appear closer to 10%, giving enough time for users
to charge Mobius before it shuts down.
8. Fixes a bug that sometimes resulted in no sound when powering on Mobius in
2ch mode without plugging in to USB.
9. Continues to provides minimum volume notification when volume wheel is used
repeatedly after the lowest volume is hit.
10. Preset changes made more robust avoiding accidental change to presets or sometimes
causing preset changes to be disabled.
11. Fixes an issue that sometimes caused power cycling mobius connected via USB
to switch to 2ch mode.

(v3) 2018.11.16:

1. Fixes bugs related charging LED.
2. Changes in voice cues related to 7.1 ch and head tracking
3. Fixes a bug that caused voice cue to disappear when switching from 7.1 to 2Ch
4. Fixes a bug - when powering off in LDAC Hi-res mode, powering on with USB
connected , caused it to put Mobius in Hi-res mode instead of the previous USB mode

(V2) 2018.11.01:

1. Improves mic gain and makes sure mic gain range is set correctly.
2. Improves noise gate.
3. Mobius Channel setting (2ch/8ch/Hi-Res), 3D mode (off/auto/manual) and EQ
presets are remembered on power cycle
4. Other minor bug fixes

(V1) 2018.09.26:

1. Adds a "Warm" preset that adds a warm tilt. Boosts the bass and brings the treble down
a little.
2. Mic: Increases Mic gain to compensate for low Mic volume while using Win 10 and Win 8
Microsoft USB audio drivers.
3. Persistence mode: Remembers the last EQ preset on power cycle.