"Mobius Headphones (Audeze, $399.99) — Dads immersed in virtual worlds such as “Call of Duty” or “Doom Eternal” and in need of a more robust gaming headset will appreciate the enveloping aural assault provided by the Mobius. Planar magnetic drivers in each cup promise superior sound quality and when combined with its head tracking, three-dimensional sound technology, the package makes for a potent, almost dizzying experience when in the throes of multiplayer battles."

"Owners are greeted with headphones covered in a matte black, soft, almost rubbery finish, with replaceable over-the-ear pads composed of memory foam as well as a strip under the headband. It’s an adjustable, snug fit, but those with big heads engaged in long gaming session would have hoped for more padding on that headband."

"So the magic for the PC gamer plugged in via a USB connection (7.1 channel surround sound support) will be that immersive audio with software all packed into the headphones as it measures head orientation at a thousand times per second to feed the 3D emulation algorithm."