Grover Neville and Rafe Arnott raved about the LCD-1 in three articles dedicated to InnerFidelity's 2019 product reviews and recommendations.

In the Product of the Year article, Neville wrote: "This headphone is a great contender for anyone looking for a well-tuned, do-it-all open back under $500. If you’re an audio professional of any kind, this could be one of the only set of headphones you’ll ever need." You can read the full post here.

In the full LCD-1 review, Neville wrote: "...I feel confident in saying it’s better than any headphone I’ve heard for less than $1k USD." Read the whole review here.

And in the Editor's Choice under $500 article, they wrote: "Audeze has brought the LCD series to its lowest price point yet with the new LCD-1, and this is a headphone that’s easy to be enthusiastic about." Read all the recommendations here.