Headphone Guru has announced the results of their 2019 Product of the Year Awards, and we're pleased to report that both the LCD-1 and LCD-GX have earned the Writer's Choice Award! Here's a little of what they had to say:

Peter Pialis, on the LCD-1

"...Audeze has just released the very impressive LCD-1 and in my opinion, these new headphones surpass the flagship headphones from when I first put away my speaker setup (due to the birth of my first child) and bought a pair of killer headphones."

"Today you can find many headphones in this price range at your local Bestbuy and NONE of them can even begin to approach Audeze’s LCD-1. They continue in the brilliant tradition of Audeze’s previous releases and offer truly outstanding audiophile quality for a price point that is there for the average consumer."

Bowei Zhao, on the LCD-GX

"The Audeze LCD-GX is my daily desktop PC driver PERIOD. It’s lightweight, comfy, and allows me to seamlessly switch between listening to high-end audio and getting on discord to join the battle with my friends in seconds."

"If I had to choose an Audeze to live with and use every day, this would be it."


You can read the entire article on Headphone Guru's website

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