"The LCD-2F presents a linear bass with a deep extension down to 10hz. Extremely tight and precise! I was a bit disappointed to notice how neutral the midbass impact was when I first heard these. The LCD2-F are not for basshead, but I’m not sure they could even satisfy people looking for above average impact, despite the superb extension."

"The midrange of the Fazor sounds full and I don’t notice any big lack of presence in the upper midrange (1 to 3khz). There is an overall presence and richness, making them lively without having noticeable peaks."

"The Classic is extremely close to the LCD-2F regarding soundstage. Both have good, but not impressive sense of imaging; the LCD-2C is more performing here, I guess because of its laid-back nature. Instruments’ localization on the stage seem better on the Classic, along with excellent depth."

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