Audeze Mobius Wireless Planar Magnetic Headset - Refurbished

All refurbished products are certified by authorized technicians and come with full 12 months warranty.



  • Planar magnetic drivers with audiophile-grade cinematic sound
  • Full 3D emulation with support for popular surround sound modes
  • Pin-point sound localization identifies and maintains sound source
  • Precisely tracks head movements for complete 3D emulation
  • Waves Nx technology enhances realism of 3D audio
  • Wired and wireless connections

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Mobius Headset FAQ

  1. Aren't Mobius and Penrose pretty much the same?
    1. Actually no. Other than having a common case and similar drivers and microphones, they use completely different chipsets, offer different connection methods and sampling rates, and connect to consoles differently. Both offer Bluetooth and analog connections for convenience, but these are not intended as primary use modes.
  2. How exactly is Mobius different from Penrose?
    1. Mobius is primarily a wired USB headset which appears as an eight-channel (surround) output device to your computer; it features 3D audio and head-tracking technology which is not included in Penrose.Penrose is primarily a lossless, low-latency wireless two-channel (stereo) headset that uses a 2.4GHz USB transmitter.
    2. Mobius was designed mainly for PC use, while Penrose was designed with consoles in mind (but also works with PCs).
    3. If you're looking for a high resolution multimedia headset for PC, Mobius is the one for you!
  3. Can I use the Penrose dongle to turn Mobius into a wireless headset?
    1. No, Mobius and Penrose use different chipsets that are not compatible with each other.
  4. How can I use Mobius with my gaming console?
    1. Connection to some consoles is currently supported via AUX/analog with the 3.5mm cable, as some consoles require special licensing for USB or Bluetooth compatibility. See our support article on console connection for more details.
  5. Does Mobius support Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, Windows Sonic, Tempest, etc for 3D audio rendering?
    1. Mobius does its own 3D processing, so it can be used for 5.1, 7.1 or stereo audio using speaker emulation technology and optional head-tracking. Mobius is also compatible with any pre-processed 3D audio such as those above, when used in Stereo or Hi-Res modes with 3D turned off.
  6. Will I be charged at the time of my order?
    1. Yes, your payment must be complete to process your order.
  7. Do you sell to international customers?
    1. Yes, however, international customers will be expected to pay any customs fees/duties in addition to shipping. We recommend purchasing from one of our participating international dealers or distributors.
  8. What is the warranty period on Mobius?
    1. The Mobius warranty period is one year from the original date of purchase, unless mandated by local laws. We consider this as the delivery date for orders placed through our website. For Mobius purchased elsewhere, a dated receipt from an authorized dealer may be required as proof of purchase. Full warranty terms are here.
  9. How does Mobius actually work?
    1. For info about how to use Mobius, we invite you to check out our Mobius Technical Questions help page, where you'll find setup and use tips, troubleshooting and more!