Audeze LCD Yoke Replacement Kit

This complete yoke replacement kit compatible with most LCD models**. This comprehensive replacement kit includes washers, yoke pins, socket cap screws, R yoke, L yoke, yoke rods and yoke rod screws.


The yoke rods are fabricated in limited runs by a computer-controlled lathe. The rods are tumble-finished to smooth and polish any rough surfaces, then a finishing process called passivation strengthens the rods and protects them from corrosion.


Please note: The original hex screws holding the yokes are secured with Loctite glue. It is advised to heat the screw head gently with a soldering iron to soften the Loctite glue before loosening the screws.



  • Complete replacement yoke kit for LCD headphones with steel-yoke
  • Includes washers, yoke pins, socket cap screws, right/left yoke, yoke rods and yoke rod screws
  • Original Audeze replacement 1079-KT
  • Not compatible with LCD-1, LCD-GX, LCD-MX4, LCD-4z, LCD-24 or any magnesium models

**Not compatible with: LCD-GX, LCD-MX4, LCD-4z, LCD-24